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5 Lighting Ideas That Can Change Your Mood

Looking for lighting ideas that will change the ambiance of your kitchen, bedroom, office, or patio? With the right lighting options, you can achieve the perfect mood for any occasion! Here at Terra Mia in Las Vegas, we know that the right lighting goes beyond simply looking good. It can actually affect the way we feel when we walk in a room. So, take a look at these 5 lighting changes that are proven to impact us on a deeper level. You’ll notice the difference!
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Increase your focus with cool-toned lights

Many people consider themselves to be Team Warm Lights, opting for yellow over blue bulbs in every room of their home. But, there are a few instances in which cool lighting might be beneficial!

  • When you need to concentrate. Cool light mimics the light that we’re most likely to see during the day, which has the effect of waking us up and making us more productive. As such, it’s a good option for kitchens, home offices, craft rooms, commercial workplaces, and gyms.
  • When you want to feel clean and organized. Cool lighting tends to make your setting feel sterile, which is why it’s also a great lighting option for shared bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, walk-in closets, pantries, and shared office kitchens.
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Create intimacy with warm lighting ideas

While blue lights tend to energize and motivate us, warm lighting has the psychological effect of calming us down and inviting vulnerability. This may be because warm lighting mimics the soothing tones of sunset, when we’re most likely to connect with loved ones and wind down before bed.

Here are a few ways to take advantage of the relaxing effect of warm lighting:

  • In your living room. When you want to encourage conversation and connection between family members and guests, install warm lighting options in your shared spaces.
  • In the bedroom. This is an obvious place to consider warm lighting ideas. If you want to get better sleep, promote connection with a partner, or just feel more settled at the end of a long day, warm lighting options in the bedroom are essential!
  • Your master bathroom. Cool lighting is great for shared bathrooms because it makes the space look more sanitary. But, if your master bathroom is a place where you like to wind down for the night with a special skincare routine or a bath, warm lighting options will help you relax.

In break rooms. So many break rooms are flooded with blue lights to keep employees alert. But, we would actually suggest warming things up a bit! That’s because warm lighting does a much better job of inviting emotional connection and relaxation than blue lighting, which means that your employees may be more likely to bond and actually feel rested when it’s time to clock back in.

Stress less with glare-free lights

Cool versus warm lighting has a huge effect on our moods, but how your lighting is mounted can also play a role! That’s because excess glare in a work space or home setting can lead to eye strain, which in turn makes us feel stressed, fatigued, and even a little bit cranky!

In order to cut down on these mood-downers, consider installing indirect lighting sources, such as uplighting, shaded light fixtures, or wall wash lighting. These types of lights will illuminate your space without that pesky bulb glare.

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Suit your mood with adjustable lighting

Maybe you want your living space to be energetic and bright when you have guests over and also be able to tone it down when you’re enjoying a good book on the couch. Adjustable lighting ideas are the perfect way to set the mood, yourself.

Make your outdoor space magical with creative lighting ideas

Here in Las Vegas, having an inviting patio to enjoy an evening with friends is a huge bonus! And, all that it takes is the right lighting design to make your outdoor patio truly magical. With warm string lights, floor lighting, and stylish mounted light fixtures, you’ll create the perfect level of whimsy and comfort.

If you have a pool, the right lighting can also increase the relaxation effect that comes with looking at water. So, whether you take a dip before bed or enjoy lounging next to the pool at night, the right landscape lighting and in-pool light features are sure to help you unwind.

Terra Mia can help you explore lighting ideas for your home!

Here in Las Vegas, we have no shortage of natural light! But when it comes to lighting ideas at home or in the office, it’s useful to consider the psychological impact of our lighting options. Our design team at Terra Mia can help you align your lighting with your lifestyle or business goals so that every light switched on is an opportunity for productivity, connection, relaxation, and more.

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